What We Offer

Prehabilitation Services at Admire

We specialize in the emerging concept of prehabilitation.
An Emerging Concept

How Prehabilitation Works

We help you prepare. Your big day is rapidly approaching and together we'll ensure you are the best version of yourself when that time comes.
We prioritize your 'finish line' date, optimizing your health with our team of specialist advisors.
We go beyond "boot camp", supporting your next treatment teams and anticipating your progress.
For weight loss surgery, our ongoing support prevents weight regain, unlike the 50% of patients who lose touch with their surgeon within a year.
Working For You

Enhanced Medical Access

The business day following enrollment, we will follow up with you to schedule your initial appointment. We guarantee that an appointment will be available within 48 hours.
Message Anytime
All personal medical questions are answered within 24 hours (usually less!) during the week.
Half-day Open Schedules
During these hours, patients can reach out in real-time for unscheduled, yet urgent questions for their team.
How it works
Understand more about prehabilitation.
Understanding Your Successes

Medical Weight-Loss

Medical weight loss visits are far more than just a handshake and a prescription for the new injectable. We strive to understand your prior successes, setbacks, and struggle points.
Comprehensive evaluation
We'll look into your history and discover your personalized treatment based on an "obesity phenotype" assessment.
Simple Meal Planning
Pre-designed easy, healthy recipes and personalized plans you can bring home on day one.
Exercise Prescriptions
We'll take into account the activities you actually enjoy and are comfortable.
Supervised Fasting
You'll be guided by our experts in a safe and effective approach to structured fasting.
Treating Where it Hurts

Pain Management

Through a combination of targeted physical therapy, non-opioid medications, and interventions, we treat pain with the fewest medications and side effects- including, no risk of dependence.
Trusted, Targeted Relief
Corticosteroid/hyaluronic acid and trigger point injections.
Coming soon
Alternative Therapies
Shockwave Therapy (ESWT), acupuncture, and massage therapy
Working For You

Lifestyle & Wellness

Some programs and therapies don't fit neatly into any of the other camps but are crucial for you to feel your best.
Sleep optimization
Hormone replacement therapy
Testosterone replacement
Smoking cessation
Mood management
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Empowering aging

Feel better than ever

Conventional beliefs suggest aging leads to decline and reliance on others. Caregivers who have witnessed their patients' chronic disease may anxiously want to prevent their own illness, prompting the question: where to begin?
Our pre-habilitation expertise helps you to live well and longer
Personalized risk assessment and treatment plan from specialists
Feel confident you're doing everything to maximize your years
Easy for Everyone

Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic Medicine

Also included at no additional cost are tests that may be important for diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions.
Home testing
Glucometer blood pressure cuff and a body composition scale to track improvements in your health with objective data.
Lab Tests
Such as basic metabolic panels, complete blood count, and inflammatory marker testing.
Exercise Equipment
At-home gear for strength, stability, and "functional fitness"- increased comfort and maneauverability.
Admire's Extras

Handpicked Network of Services

Joining Admire opens a network of other services that we've hand-picked for you to lose weight and live well.

Fitness Center Membership
included personal trainer support to assist with your prescribed exercises.
Discounted Meals
that fall within your meal plan at select local eateries.
Discounted Wellness Treatments
such as massages, saunas and other suggested treatments to pamper yourself in the name of good-health