Membership Services

We use the term memberships because this relationship really is bidirectional. Members of our practice are given the opportunity to have an active role in the services we offer, the content we teach, and the growth and direction of the practice. When it comes to patient care, members get access to longer visits, improved communication, and guaranteed appointments within 72 hours.

Services included under these memberships

Reasons to become a member


Free consultation
Monthly B12 injections
Routine pap smears
Gym membership reimbursed up to $50
In-office appointments within one week
Longer appointments with providers
Tele-health appointments within 48 hours
Communicate with provider via text or email
Weekly “Office Hours” with Dr. Watson to ask quick questions
Pre-designed healthy recipes & Personalized plans
Guidance by experts on structured fasting
We'll work with you to get back into the activities you enjoy
Personalized treatment based on an "Obesity Phenotype" assessment
50% of your copays paid
All hormone replacement therapy medications included 
Oral weight loss drugs included
50% off injectable weight loss medications
In-house labs, including assessments of your insulin, free testosterone, estrogen, hemoglobin a1c, etc
Regular behavioral health check-ins available upon request.
Lumen device to track metabolic output
One free massage per month (gratuity not included)
Kickoff gym session with Dr. Watson and weekly maintenance fitness tutoring with a physical therapist/personal trainer
IV therapy
All medications included, even Semaglutide
Copays paid 

Men’s Health

Testosterone Management

Low testosterone can drain you- drain you of energy, libido, sleep, and muscle mass. While other conditions like obesity, metabolic disease, and sleep apnea can contribute to low testosterone, we don’t need to wait until we fix those to decide if it’s time to fix the testosterone. In fact, when we reverse this hormonal imbalance from the start, it gets a lot easier to build muscle mass, burn body fat, and ultimately address the underlying metabolic disease.
Dr. Watson will conduct thorough testing to accurately assess testosterone levels and identify any underlying issues. We understand the interconnected nature of health concerns and offer personalized solutions to address hormone-related issues. Through lifestyle modifications, nutritional guidance, and targeted interventions, we aim to optimize overall health and well-being. For individuals with clinically low testosterone levels, we offer testosterone replacement therapy tailored to each patient's needs, providing safe and effective treatment options to restore hormonal balance and improve quality of life.

Women’s Health

Estrogen/Progesterone Management

We understand the impact that hormonal imbalances can have on overall well-being. Symptoms are unique to every person, but often include: issues with insomnia, weight gain/difficulty losing weight, mood disturbances, sexual dysfunction, frequent urinary tract infections, low energy, brain fog, hot flashes, and night sweats.

To address these, our providers tailor your hormone management to address symptoms associated with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause. From bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to weight management counseling, our holistic approach is guided by our mission to empower women to take control of their health and achieve optimal wellness as they enter peri-menopause and beyond.

We will also see patients for routine annual pap smears and breast examinations. For any abnormal findings, we will refer you to local offices for radiology/imaging and oncology (if necessary) follow-ups.

Pain Management

Opioid Alternative Therapies (OAT)

Medical Cannabis: You need pain relief but want to avoid pills but are also unfamiliar with plant-based pain relief. Our providers have extensive experience in non opioid-based pain relief, including medical cannabis (medical marijuana) evaluations. Com for the pain relief, stay for the wellness.

Weight Loss 

Dr. Watson and Angela Barone, NP lead your comprehensive program. This includes personalized plans and medications, like Semaglutide (the active ingredient in Wegovy/Ozempic), filled in-office.

Member Stories

I am so happy to have found Dr. Watson. At our first appointment he listened to all of my concerns, goals and struggles. I have struggled with my weight since being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35. We worked together to come up with the best plan for me, not just a general plan. It's tailored specifically for me. I shared my concerns with the medication I am currently on and the surgeries I have had due to my cancer diagnosis.I feel with each appointment, he focuses on my wins and how to continue to succeed. He listens to my feedback and answers all my questions. The tools he has provided me have helped me tremendously.The staff are also amazing. I am welcomed with huge smiles and words of encouragement from Alia and Kelly.Thank you Dr. Watson and your amazing staff!


I enjoyed every minute I was here. The ladies at the front desk were so nice and made me feel welcome and comfortable. It was like chatting with friends. I met with Angela Barone NP she was so knowledgeable and made you feel like you were talking to a friend about losing weight. She took her time to explain everything and asks questions. She listened to my concerns and came up with solutions. Excellent staff!


From Kelly who books my appointments, Alia who’s bright smile and positive attitude always brightens my day to Dr. Watson and Angela Barone NP taking the time to listen to all my issues and coming up with a solution that covers them all, I could not be happier with my choice of calling Admire Medical for my first appointment.  I’ve already seen great results with my weight loss, which has helped me with the daily pain.I have dealt with back issues since I was 15 years old, which resulted in weight gains and worsening pain over the years.  Most doctors told me to wait until I’m 40 to get surgery, as if it was the only solution.  I also have celiac disease and have to be careful with what I eat, but this has not helped with my weight problems.  I am now almost 40 and at my first appointment I expressed how much I did not want surgery.  Dr. Watson listened, didn’t brush me off, and came up with a solution to help not only with weight loss, but the daily pain I was in.  Angela Barone NP helps me with all my women’s health needs, as well as my weight loss.I searched for years for a doctor to spend a little time understanding the different aspects that shaped me to be in the position I was and I finally found it with the Admire Medical team!  Thank you to everyone at Admire Medical for making me feel comfortable, listened to and understood as it helped me take the first step and encouraged me to continue on this path!


I struggled with my weight for years.  With each year I got older, life's stressor's kept pushing me towards food for comfort. I was tired, unmotivated and dealing with body image issues as far as I can see. I looked in the mirror and did not like what I saw. I have tried all the diets around and my weight never seemed to decrease, or stay off. I would end up binging due to cravings that these diets pushed me to have. Finally, I decided that I needed professional help.I reached out to Dr. Watson at Admire to help me and my life changed for the better! I had a lot of concerns going into it with my history of failed attempts but Dr. Watson turned my concerns into results. He was quick to take me on as a patient and eager to help.  He took the time to get a full medical history, as well as zoning in on what worked and what did not work in my previous attempts. He explained certain key aspects of this journey like diet, exercise, mental health and how getting a good nights rest can impact results. With his attention to detail he found that I struggled with certain exercises due to a history of sports related injuries. He used this knowledge to focus a plan that worked around my life and my capabilities, teaching me exercises that would not put stress on my knees but instead strengthen them. Eventually, this helped me move in ways I never thought I could again. Along with exercise, Dr. Watson took detail in what my diet looked like. He explained the importance of keeping my sugar intake low, and how tracking my food was important to know what goes into my body. He took my favorite foods and showed me how to change them to better fit my macro intake pushing me through each plateau.The difference between those fads and Dr. Watsons plan... the results. He showed to how to eat healthier, keeps craving surges low, enjoy the foods I like and still show results. His kindness and empathy to my situation showed me that there are doctors out there that genuinely care for you and want you to succeed in an inclusive environment that makes me feel welcome and empowered to keep succeeding .I went from a size 3XL to a size small/medium. I enjoy my life again, I love looking in the mirror, and I could not have done it without his guidance.


You can tell Angela is invested in her patients. She listened and set realistic goals/treatment. Felt comfortable the entire time, no judgement and not rushed.


The whole team at Admire was so kind and friendly. They made sure I felt comfortable and took time to listen and answer all of my questions. I feel empowered to make the best healthcare decisions for myself with the comprehensive information they provided. This is the quality of care I want for myself and my loved ones. Thank you so much! I mean it when I say I would highly recommend.


I’ve been to plenty of doctors and I have never been treated with this level of care in my life. From the moment I walked in I was greeted warmly by everyone & I felt listened too. Angela was amazing. She answered every single question I had. She made me feel like I was apart of my own care team/plan instead of a visitor. I do have to admit I did forget the amazing young ladies names who completed the check-in’s. They are incredibly hard working & are kind. I cannot recommend this place enough. I drive an hour & 45 minutes for care so it’s nice to find a great team that’s local