Holistic Care

Why Admire Works

Holistic has become a bit of a buzzword, but there truly isn't a better way to describe why our program is unique in the approach and results.
Tailored Care
Exercise prescriptions and nutrition plans customized to your limitations, hobbies, and abilities.
Comfortable Experience
An accessible and modern office, convenient parking facilities, and tele-medicine options available.
Streamlined Treatment
One-stop pain relief procedures and alternative therapies for your convenience.
Personalized Concierge Care
Longer appointments and accessible booking, all with trusted specialists and medical experts.
Quicker Recovery
A healthier you = shorter hospital stays, fewer complications, and a faster return to normal life.
Medical Experts
Expertise in physical medicine with a focus on weight loss and metabolic health.

How we're different

Standard patient journeys include hopping from provider to provider, hospital to hospital after a serious diagnosis. Each transition risks losing critical details or new providers overlooking subtle changes to a patient's health status.
Personalized prehabilitation plan
Optimizing patients' physical and mental wellness before a procedure and enhancing recovery through tailored exercises, nutrition, and psychological support.
Distribute & teach RPM technology
We provide and educate patients about Remote Patient Monitoring technology to facilitate remote healthcare monitoring and improve patient outcomes.
Act as or inform the treating physician
This role involves serving as a physician for the patient or supporting the attending physician in making care and treatment decisions during the patient's rehabilitation.
Pre-discharge patient & family meeting
Held before a patient leaves the medical facility, we'll provide essential information, instructions, and answer any remaining questions to ensure a smooth transition to post-discharge care and promote better patient outcomes.
Re-assess within 7-14 days of discharge
Conducted to evaluate the patient's progress, address any concerns, and ensure proper follow-up care. This enhances recovery and reduces readmission rates.
Generate transition of care summary
This comprehensive document outlines the patient's medical history, recent treatment course, and post-discharge instructions. We'll facilitate seamless communication between healthcare providers and ensure continuity of care for our patients' wellbeing.

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