What We Offer

Admire Medical Concierge Program

Discover a new era of personalized healthcare with the Admire Medical Concierge Program. Embark on a journey towards comprehensive, attentive, and tailored healthcare services designed with your unique needs in mind. Our program is more than just care; it's a commitment to your health and well-being.

Why Choose a Membership Model?

Our decision to introduce a membership fee stems from our desire to transcend the limitations of standard primary care. Traditional models often mean crowded schedules, brief visits, and limited provider interaction. At Admire Medical, we believe in doing things differently. Our membership model ensures that we can offer you the time, attention, and comprehensive care you deserve. It's about quality over quantity, allowing us to delve into every aspect of your health, from diet to stress management, without the constraints imposed by insurance companies.

Benefits of Joining

As a valued member of the Admire Medical Concierge Program, you unlock a suite of exclusive benefits designed to enhance your healthcare experience:
Financial Support
We reimburse co-pays for your visits and any insurance-reimbursed services we order, easing your financial burden.
In-Office Lab Tests
Say goodbye to the hassle of insurance for certain lab tests. We offer vital tests right in our office, free or at a significantly reduced cost.
Discounts o Health Products
Enjoy substantial savings on a wide range of health and wellness products in our Rehab Market, from exercise equipment to pain relief solutions.
Beyond Basic Care

Our Commitment to Accessibility

Your health doesn't adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule, and neither do we. The Admire Medical Concierge Program guarantees:
Flexible Scheduling
Access to care when you need it, including weekends and extended hours.
Rapid Response
Quick, direct answers to your health concerns, with patient navigator services for seamless care across different healthcare systems.
Administrative Assistant
Comprehensive support with FMLA, disability, and parking pass paperwork, made possible by your membership.
Upcoming Features

Exciting Future Enhancements

At Admire Medical, we're constantly evolving to meet your needs. Here's a sneak peek at what's on the horizon for our members:
In-Office Prescipton Services
Soon, we'll offer the convenience of filling common prescriptions directly at our office, potentially at lower costs than your traditional pharmacy copay.
Van Service Program
We're developing a transportation service to ensure you can always make it to your appointments, aiming to reduce reliance on telemedicine for those without personal transportation.
Admire's Extras

Handpicked Network of Services

Joining Admire opens a network of other services that we've hand-picked for you to lose weight and live well.

Fitness Center Membership
included personal trainer support to assist with your prescribed exercises.
Discounted Meals
that fall within your meal plan at select local eateries.
Discounted Wellness Treatments
such as massages, saunas and other suggested treatments to pamper yourself in the name of good-health